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Meet the Members Q&A: Michael Muyot

Get to know your fellow community members in our latest Member Q&A series! Dive into the questions asked and discover insightful answers straight from the heart of our community. Join us as we explore various topics and learn more about each other. Let’s jump in and connect with our amazing members!

Meet Michael Muyot, Founder of APEX DAO.

1. Could you share some highlights from your career?

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on sustainability, AI, and local economic dynamics. One major highlight was leading the development then managing the NASDAQ Global Sustainability Index for over 12 years. This experience led me to several exciting new roles such as the Business Director for the ExNE Green Tech Conference, where I led, curated a 5 day regional conference on GreenTech, Sustainability and the UN SDGs.

2. What brought you to Greenville, and what are you working on now?

After selling my company and spending several months in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was drawn to Greenville’s emerging innovation district. This vibrant community and the resources at Flywheel CrescentOne were key factors in my decision to relocate here. Currently, I’m working on expanding my venture, APEX DAO, which focuses on innovative applications of AI in sustainability which includes immersive and inclusive educational gaming.

3. What inspired you to start APEX DAO?

The potential of Web3 technologies, especially blockchain and decentralized finance, inspired me to start APEX DAO. This project allows me to stay at the forefront of AI + Web3 applications in various industries, creating a collaborative community for creators and artists.

4. How do you envision your business growing in the next year?

We are adopting a crawl-walk-run strategy to scale APEX DAO, starting with enhancing our 3D printing capabilities and planning to establish a green manufacturing site in Greenville. This expansion will include local hiring and training to support community employment.

5. What excites you the most about being a part of the Flywheel Coworking community?

The location in the heart of a new innovation district and the dynamic environment at Flywheel are what excite me the most. The community’s facilities and the opportunity to collaborate with other innovators make it an ideal place for creative and productive engagement.

6. What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur, and how have you overcome them?

One significant entrepreneurial challenge I faced was the lack of a mentor in my field. However, I learned invaluable lessons from leaders in unrelated industries who became my mentors, like a former Navy Top Gun fighter pilot. His outcome-driven approach to sales strategies taught me to focus on desired results from the outset, reshaping how I plan and execute business strategies to be more structured and goal-oriented.

7. How do you stay motivated and inspired in your work?

My strong alignment with my personal mission to positively impact future generations fuels my daily activities. Travel also plays a significant role in refreshing my perspective and inspiring new ideas, as experiencing new cultures and environments stimulates my creativity.

8. What advice would you give to others looking to make a positive impact in the AI and sustainability space?

Focus on continually updating your skills and knowledge in the rapidly evolving field. Think critically about how to apply AI ethically and sustainably to create economic, social, and environmental benefits. Network with professionals and engage in collaborative projects for new opportunities and insights.

9. How do you see yourself contributing to the Flywheel community and supporting other members?

I plan to actively share my expertise in AI and sustainability through mentoring, workshops, speaking at events, and contributing to community-driven projects. My goal is to help create an environment where all members feel supported in their entrepreneurial journeys and can collectively advance our knowledge and impact.

10. Why was it important for you to have a private office at Flywheel?

A private office provides the necessary security and privacy for my work, allowing me to store information safely and focus on my projects without disruptions.

Anything else you’d like folks to know… As an innovator in tech-forward interactive games, I am enthusiastic about contributing to and representing the Flywheel community positively at events and in the media. We plan to tap into the significant growth potential in the AR/VR gaming sector and wearable technology, which are projected to reach market sizes of approximately $180 billion and over $50 billion respectively. APEX DAO aims to integrate cutting-edge technology to enhance gaming interaction and educational depth in the sustainability space.

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